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Who I am

my background & aspirations

How it Works?

what makes a practice successful


A Little Bit About Me

I want client’s that have a heart for dentistry, the highest ethical standards, and a desire to exceed their expectations!

Career Dental Professional

  • Expanded Functions Dental Assistant
  • Treatment Coordinator
  • Office Manager
  • Practice Consultant

Education and Schooling

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Education
  • Master’s in Leadership

My Philosophy for a Successful Practice

Through synergistic approaches with Dentists I am able to quickly enhance their practice to allow for evident growth. When dentists are willing to create a business model that allows each team member to shine they are able to reap the results, almost instantly.

It is with my background in education and my knowledge in dentistry that we are able to align a system that enables rapid production and more efficient scheduling.

My 3 Part Process


Providing and Teaching the tools and strategies necessary to not only retain employees but more importantly engage employees. Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. “This emotional commitment means engaged employees actually care about their work and their company. They don’t work just for a paycheck, or just for the next promotion, but work on behalf of the organization’s goals.” Forbes: leadership


Together with dentists and their dental teams, Mel focuses on sharpening each individual’s passions and strengths and creating the team that energizes one another. Once identified, Mel designs and implements practice specific techniques that will positively reflect the team’s vision and mission, creating a patient centered productive environment.


Sustain a long-term relationship with quarterly assessments once initial goals are achieved. Long-term contracts do no exist. Agreements are based on each client’s needs, typically 5-10 hours a week for 1st three months. Rates vary based on each client’s requested services and solutions. Termination for convenience.

  • Team Talent: Team Training & Recruitment
  • Efficiency Driven Mindset: Individual & Team Aligned Goals
  • Leadership that sees opportunity: Smiling mentality at all costs
  • New Patient Interviews aligned with each Client’s Mission
  • Empowered Decision Making
  • Sharing Growth Momentum with your Team
  • I have had a busy restorative dental practice in Newport Beach for 45+ years. Even though most of us would like to think that our valued staff would never have “turnover”, the reality is that hiring new personnel is occasionally required. To this end, I greatly value working with an experienced professional in order to find the “perfect fit”. Melanie Spire has successfully assisted me in that regard. I highly recommend Melanie as a very capable professional.

    Frank T. Curry
  • When Melanie and I first met I told her she must be an angel sent to us as we had been seeking out an office manager for quite some time due to my current office manager getting married and moving out of state. Melanie came in and welcomed the current staff and patients as if she had known them for years. She was loyal and determined to get me to the next level of my practice. Together as an inspired team and driven to excel, we were able to dramatically increase our new patient flow, hire four additional team members, and design a state of the art practice in an all inclusive location within a little over a year & time. Melanie's background in dental, education, and leadership allowed our team to enhance our professional lives and most importantly our patients experiences.

    A. Spath DDS Newport Beach
  • Melanie Spire has been a great help in implementing the changes I have wanted to make to my practice for years both in technology upgrade and method in which the office operates. I found her to be extremely helpful in achieving my new goals for my practice and I highly recommend her services.

    T. Delaney D.D.S. Newport Beach
  • Melanie has a smooth organization for the Dental practice and I know I am in good hands when I visit the office. She has extensive experience in the insurance industry and I know my claim will go error free.

    S. Mullins Patient of Client
  • During Melanie’s brief time with American Family Dental she increased production, identified collection issues, reduced our past A/R and created a plan that resulted in significant changes. Her presence and professionalism brought positivity to my office, which resulted in better inter-office relationships. Moreover, your commitment to identifying talent and training staff provided the welcome addition of two new team members. In sum, I cannot thank you enough for your services.

    Dr. J. Jackson American Family Dental

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